We provide independent, expert technical support in the areas of Parts Cleaning to remove ionics, oils, greases, flux, particulates, and other types of contamination.

We represent several types of manufacturers of Industrial Equipment and Industrial Chemicals that are used in these processes.   Our experience in Materials Compatibility (specifically non-metallic materials such as plastics, adhesives, coatings, solvents, paints, etc), enables us to assist in Process Design and optimization.  We can also review your process and facility for Environmental, Health, or Safety concerns, and provide confidential, unbiased, information to your management.  Additionally, we are independent experts in facility construction and materials used in ESD (electrostatic discharge) protected facilities for electronics manufacturing.

We can work with you as a Consultant or as a Technical Sales Representative of equipment and solvents, or both.   Our deep-rooted Engineering Ethics enables us to provide you unbiased information without the worrying of being led in the wrong direction.   We take our reputation seriously and you can see from our customer reviews that we are at the top of our game.   

Our areas of expertise are in the Aerospace, Electronics, Precision, Medical, Spacecraft, and Oil-field manufacturing industries.

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Chem Logic

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