We provide Technical Support and sell chemicals for use in your processes.

We are chemical engineers with decades of experience in the cleaning of parts and the compatibility of materials. Our experience includes electronics defluxing, particulate, oil, and grease removal from aerospace, medical, and precision components, as well as compatibility analysis between materials and process temperatures, and other special conditions. We also are experts on non-metallic materials used in spacecraft, low earth orbit, and extreme vacuum conditions.

We work with the following types of chemistries:

Vapor-Degreasing Solvents - fluorinated, brominated, and chlorinated, azeotropes and blends
Blended Hydrocarbons - immersion in liquid solvents matched to remove the contaminants
Low vapor-pressure (slow evaporating) solvents to meet safety or environmental requirements
Semi-aqueous solvents - surface-active hydrocarbons that can be rinsed with water

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Available Vapor Degreasing Solvents

The most effective chemistry for contamination removal is matched to the surface and chemical properties of the contaminants that are being removed. The challenge is to characterize the contamination by its polarity and hydrocarbon solubility parameter.